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  • 政府
  • 医疗保健
  • 教育

政府, the goal is to connect citizens, wherever they are and in the safest way. 彩虹 has many certifications, including ISO27001 and HDS-certification, that enable it to host sensitive, 个人资料. But the app itself is secure by design with transparency in its data storage and use.

To add an extra layer of safety, government institutions can explore 彩虹的边缘 – a private cloud hosting solution that offers three models of hosting for your data.

医疗保健, the goals are to protect the digital ecosystem from cyberattacks, help healthcare professionals save time and ensure facilities are safe. With the HDS-certification, 彩虹 solutions are suited to work with highly sensitive health data.

In healthcare emergency care always takes priority. The 彩虹 platform provides the means to prioritize audio alerts and receive receipt confirmations.

教育, the goal is to connect students, parents, teachers, school employees and external interveners. This ensures everyone’s safety on campus and helps prevent cyberattacks.

ALE has developed an education platform that recreates the classroom environment virtually, named 彩虹的教室. This solution is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant. 

Always-on protection of a campus can be achieved with 彩虹 Workflow. This solution turns connected devices’ data into automatic notifications or action sets.






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